ECA Career Continuity Grant 2023

A new grant for early career research continuity to mitigate the impact of parental leave.

As part of the Advancing Health 2030 strategy, faculty are launching a pilot program to assist eligible staff to maintain their research activity and trajectory, when taking or returning from parental leave.

Flexible funding is available to enable our future research leaders the opportunity to plan their time away to maintain research momentum, while taking the time needed with their family.

The Career Continuity Grant is available to Level A, B and C academic researchers who are employed on short term/non-secure contracts (fixed-term and continuing-research contingent; or a minimum 40% research allocation) in the faculty, who intend to take parental leave, or are returning from parental leave between June 2023 to June 2024.

A maximum allocation of up to $40,000 per applicants is available for salary and research-related expenses over a maximum 12 month term.

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