Celebrating diversity

Celebrating our people and diversity

Momentum Fellowships and Diversity and Inclusion Grant Recipients

Together with our Faculty’s leadership and Early Career Researcher Network, it gives me great pleasure to announce the inaugural recipients of the MDHS Momentum Fellowships and MDHS Diversity and Inclusion Grants, two very important new initiatives that will support our Faculty’s strategy, including our vision for diversity and inclusion, and enrich our culture and scholarship.

2021 Momentum Fellows

Dr Jess Heerde, MMS, Dept. Paediatrics


Jess is a research leader in youth homelessness. Homelessness remains, in many respects, a hidden issue. Rates of homelessness are rising among the young, with devastating effects on their health and wellbeing. Homelessness remains a wicked problem that straddles both the health and social sciences, meaning it has been a challenging area in which to build a research program. Jess will use the Momentum Fellowship to progress her outstanding work an area Jess is deeply passionate about. This fellowship will support Jess to build research momentum for subsequent funding applications and enabling enhanced capacity for research and advocacy for her very important work.

Dr Kate Filia, Centre for Youth Mental Health


Kate is an exceptional researcher and emerging leader in the field of social inclusion and mental health, an area of critical significance for those living with mental ill-health. She has developed a novel measure of social inclusion, and a research program dedicated to understanding differences between, and improving, social inclusion across psychiatric diagnoses, developmental stages, in caregivers, and at-risk population groups. Kate has experienced significant career interruptions throughout her career and exacerbated more recently. This fellowship support will enhance Kate’s capacity to pursue opportunities as an independent researcher, as well as leverage more available opportunities to her enhancing her competitiveness for future funding support.

2021 Diversity and Inclusion Grants

Dr Marianne Coleman; Dr. Flora Hui; A/Prof Kristin Diemer; Dr Gemma McKibbin; Dr Michelle Hall; Dr Belinda Lawford; Dr Kate Hayward; Dr Rebecca Jarden; Dr Elaina Kefalianos
The project brings together a collaborative application from the early-mid career academics to better identify and advocate for early-mid career academic issues. The project will use a participatory, systematic approach, that promotes inclusion of and maximises reach to EMCAs across the faculty.

Dr Megan Sharp (CIA); Dr Barrie Shannon (PI); Dr Ruby Grant (PI)
The project aims to develop better understanding of how students experience diversity and inclusion within the MDHS Faculty. The project will use innovative visual methods to address key research questions and will produce rich qualitative data to share the perception and story of MDHS students’ lived experiences.

The Faculty will open a second call for applications in October 2021 for two additional MDHS Momentum Fellowships and MDHS Diversity and Inclusion Grants, with funding to commence in early 2022.

Associate Professor Natalie Hannan

MDHS Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusion

Our Faculty is the sum of its people. Here are some of their stories.

Photo of Dr Asiel Sanchez on a bright teal background

Dr Asiel Adan Sanchez

Dr Asiel Adan Sanchez (they/them) is a GP with an approach to diversity that is very much grounded in a human-rights framework. They have a quiet determination to change attitudes and breakdown barriers that prevent people from engaging in healthcare systems.

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