Make Virtual Care a Practical Reality

The Centre held a symposium on virtual care in March, here is your chance to watch or listen to all the speakers. Virtual care has begun to be a viable adjunct to health care provision in Australia and our speakers take you through the history, the research and the changing impacts we are seeing in the sector.

  1. A/Prof Marc Budge

    Marc Budge Designing digitally enabled, patient centric and sustainable model in virtual care

  2. Dr Feby Savira

    Feby Savira Virtual care for older people in Australia: a rapid review

  3. Prof Len Gray

    Len Gray A brief history of Australian research in virtual care

  4. Dr Kylie Woolcock

    Kylie Woolcock Virtual health care in long-term reforms - what is needed?

  5. Dr Noel Duncan and Patrick Hannebery - Sisu Health Group

    Sisu What the Sisu data can tell us about how the pandemic changed Australia

  6. Dr Marlien Varnfield

    Marlien Varnfield Supporting women with gestational diabetes, M>ther Platform from CSIRO

  7. Hugo Rourke

    Hugo Rourke Perx Health,  moving beyond tele-health to the future of virual care

  8. A/Prof Marc Budge

    Marc Budge Developing Geri-Connect,  changing  healthcare in aged care settings

  9. Brett Chambers

    Brett Chambers Changing regional pharmacy delivery in NSW