Velma Stanley Award

1st Jul 2022
30th Jun 2023
Study level
Graduate Coursework, Graduate Research
Study Area
Individual donation
Fund source
Perpetual Trust (UOM)
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Donor: Charles Orr Stanley, C.B.E., created the prize in memory of Velma Stanley who graduated as a Bachelor of Science in the University in 1925 and who was interested in the development of work in the field of addiction and although living abroad since 1935 maintained an interest in the University.



Disclaimer: The benefit amount for this award is approximate. It will be confirmed at the time of awarding and determined by the committee according to the terms of the award.


Awarded annually to a person, not necessarily a candidate for a degree or a diploma, who has submitted an essay of sufficient merit on a subject relating to addiction. Open to graduates and undergraduates from any discipline. Not restricted to MD students.

The award is made in respect of essays submitted during the period 1st July of previous year - 30th June of current awarding year.


Selection considers essays that:

  • reflect new research or a new conceptualisation or plan for research, or review and synthesise existing research or analyses. The essay will be judged on the clarity and persuasiveness of its presentation and arguments.
  • go beyond a  summary of research and provide a framework for further thought/endeavour.


Students should submit a 3000-5000 word essay on the topic of addiction. To apply, please complete the online application form.

Addiction is here defined broadly to include habitual or heavy use of alcohol, tobacco, or other psychoactive substances, or habitual or repeated potentially harmful behaviours such as gambling and gaming. Mechanisms, patterns and consequences of addiction (thus broadly defined), and the history, organisation and efficacy of treatments or policies to prevent or ameliorate addiction or its consequences, are included as subjects relating to addiction.

Applications close 30 June 2023.


Please contact the MMS Student Awards Officer at

Scholarship Management


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