Kanya Anindya

Master of Public Health
Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP)

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"This opportunity has given me a real-life experience of translating knowledge into something impactful. Throughout this process, I personally experienced why the University of Melbourne is positioned at the forefront of research in Australia."

Kanya AnindyaKanya started the Master of Public Health at the University of Melbourne in 2018, after completing a Bachelor of Public Health focused on Biostatistics at the University of Indonesia. She is also an awardee for the 2017 Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP).

She was drawn to the Master of Public Heath at the University of Melbourne for its global reputation and great option of streams and subjects.

“I was aware that my skills were insufficient – particularly in prioritising public health strategies under scarce resources. So, I decided to look for a masters degree to have a better understanding in that area.”

Kanya is familiar with Indonesian health policy and evaluation activities, having been involved in a number of relevant research projects and worked in the Ministry of National Development Planning and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Indonesia.

"My background in public health has equipped me with fundamental skills such as conducting quantitative and qualitative research in public health. I found that the Master of Public Health at the University of Melbourne suited my needs as all the knowledge and skills I was looking for are catered for in the Health Economics/Economic Evaluation stream. The Health Economics/Economic Evaluation stream has introduced me to various techniques of economic appraisal and modelling in public health. Implementing these techniques in Indonesia will be very beneficial for the future of Indonesia’s public health program.

"The University website contains very detailed information about the course. It was very convenient for me when I was planning and selecting the subjects I wanted. The course coordinator was also contactable via email and she responded quite fast. The discussion I had with her helped me decide to apply to the University of Melbourne."

Kanya acknowledges that the transition to university life abroad can be overwhelming for international students whose first language is not English.

“In the beginning, I felt anxious when it came to assignments and class discussion. Thankfully, all the subject coordinators and tutors played a significant role during my transition to the University of Melbourne. They were happy to clarify things I was unclear about. Moreover, all of the lecture sessions are recorded and can be easily accessed by students. The University of Melbourne also offers several Academic Skills development programs, such as drop-in sessions and individual appointments, where I was able to get useful feedback for my essays and improve my academic writing skills.”

Kanya encouraged current and future students to make use of the University of Melbourne’s support services.

"I highly recommend seeking and utilising the information and services that the University of Melbourne offers. The University has a wide range of services to ensure that students are making the most of the university experience. I have a health issue which requires me to get ongoing support throughout my study. Knowing my condition, one of the teaching staff connected me with Student Equity and Disability Support. They accommodated my special needs by providing an academic adjustment plan which is very helpful in the process of completing my assignments and exams."

Kanya graduated from the Master of Public Health in July 2019 after submitting her research project to a world-leading public health journal.

"This opportunity has given me a real-life experience of translating knowledge into something impactful. Throughout this process, I personally experienced why the University of Melbourne is positioned at the forefront of research in Australia.”

Kanya is inspired by Professor Meiwita P. Budiharsana, one of her first professors at the University of Indonesia, and plans to continue pursuing a career in an NGO with a focus on improving reproductive health for the community.

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Why the Master of Public Health at the University of Melbourne?

Bahasa Indonesia:

Program Master of Public Health di the University of Melbourne memiliki reputasi akademik yang baik dan menawarkan beragam pilihan spesialisasi ilmu dan mata ajar. Website resmi universitas memberikan penjelasan detail terkait dengan hal-hal ini, sehingga sangat memudahkan saya dalam merencanakan dan memilih mata ajar yang saya butuhkan. Dalam proses mematangkan pilihan ke universitas ini, saya pun sempat berkorespondensi dengan penanggung jawab program Master of Public Health melalui email. Diskusi dengan beliau  meyakinkan saya untuk memilih the University of Melbourne.

Masa transisi ke kehidupan akademik di luar negeri menjadi tantangan bagi sebagian besar mahasiswa asing, termasuk saya, yang tidak menggunakan Bahasa Inggris sebagai bahasa ibu. Awalnya, saya merasa cemas membayangkan bagaimana saya dapat menyelesaikan tugas dan berkontribusi dalam diskusi kelompok. Namun, seluruh dosen dan tutor sangat berperan dalam membantu melewati fase ini. Mereka bersedia menjelaskan hal yang saya ragukan, baik mengenai materi kuliah, maupun tugas. Pihak universitas juga menawarkan berbagai program penunjang kemampuan akademik, salah satunya drop-in session atau individual appointments, dimana saya dapat mengembangkan kemampuan menulis dan mendapat masukan terkait esai yang saya buat.

Advice for students

Bahasa Indonesia:

Bagi mahasiswa maupun calon mahasiswa the University of Melbourne, mencari informasi dan menggunakan sebaik-baiknya program yang ditawarkan pihak universitas adalah hal yang sangat penting. The University of Melbourne memfasilitasi beragam layanan untuk memastikan setiap mahasiswanya mendapatkan pengalaman belajar terbaiknya. Saya memiliki masalah kesehatan sehingga harus mendapatkan bantuan selama masa studi. Mengetahui hal ini, salah satu dosen saya menghubungkan saya dengan Student Equity and Disability Support. Mereka mengakomodir kebutuhan saya dengan memberikan academic adjustment plan yang sangat membantu dalam proses penyelesaian tugas dan ujian saya.

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