Roshine Linus

Doctor of Dental Surgery & Bachelor of Biomedicine
Sri Lanka

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"The programme at the Melbourne Dental School is incredible... The course is catered for both international and domestic students, and we get various opportunities to have placements in different clinical settings, this really intrigued me."

Roshine Linus

Roshine started her Doctor of Dental Surgery in 2019, after completing the Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne in 2018. Roshine is a past recipient of the Rector’s Scholarship at Newman College. She intends to pursue a career in paediatric dentistry.

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Why the Doctor of Dental Surgery?

I have always had an interest in health sciences. Dentistry ascends beyond that, it allows me to engage in science while bringing out my creative side, it’s a course where you learn and develop a whole new set of skills, and I am always up for a challenge.

The programme at the Melbourne Dental School is incredible. We get to see patients and begin working on them as early as the beginning of second year. The course is catered for both international and domestic students, and we get various opportunities to have placements in different clinical settings, this really intrigued me.

I love the clinic sessions we have had, playing the role of a dentist, and learning how to take patient history and intra and extra oral examinations have really made everything into more and more of a reality.

The whole degree has kept me on my toes, unlike other healthcare professions, learning to become a dentist is a whole new ball game, it ventures into a complete unknown, acquiring a wealth of knowledge in things I had no clue existed before.

I am constantly developing new skills, this entails skills to better my manual dexterity, communication skills, understanding and upholding medical ethics, understanding the psychology behind patients’ body language and more.

My interests lie in oral healthcare, children’s health and education. I intend to pursue a career in paediatric dentistry. My passion for children’s health stems from prior research at Royal Children’s Hospital. I am passionate about educating individuals at an early age to dissolve the overwhelmingly reactive modern healthcare, and focus on proactive measures through practices that promote the saying ‘Prevention is better than a cure’.

Why the University of Melbourne?

University of Melbourne is a world-renowned institution, especially in medical research, and biomedicine is a research focused degree. Where better to receive an education than the best place in the southern hemisphere!

Moreover, the University of Melbourne offered a pathway option in which you do three years of undergraduate studies and then follow onto postgraduate studies. This allowed me to gauge where my interests were when expressing my interest in postgraduate studies, it also allows you to create opportunities and source information for yourself.

I am constantly inspired by people around me. I love engaging in conversation with absolute strangers and hearing where their interests lie and what they do to achieve their goals. I am inspired by sheer determination, passion and enthusiasm, of which you find a lot at the University of Melbourne, across all faculties and majors. The fact that you are meant to choose a major allows you to focus on your area of interest, your motivation for studying that major stems from your genuine fascination in that field.

University highlights

I had the opportunity to be a part of Melbourne Welcome 2018. This was a volunteer program where we welcomed exchange students and had a three-day, fun-filled schedule, to help ease their transition into living in Melbourne. I loved sharing my experiences at the University of Melbourne and I loved being able to reflect on things I had done. I met people from across the globe, we shared our various backgrounds and cultures and it was an incredible way to make connection around the world and make life-long friends.

I also had the opportunity to do a research subject at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute over at the Royal Children’s Hospital, under the supervision of Associate Professor Paul Licciardi and I was welcomed into a world of incredible research. I learnt a lot about literature reviews, journal articles and the ins and outs of bettering experiments.

Advice for students

Make the most of your university experience, do not restrict yourself to your degree. Engage in sports and clubs of your interest, try a new sport or club, venture out beyond your comfort zone and make your university degree more than just academic pursuits. Volunteer, branch out and meet new people of varying backgrounds, it’s amazing to see that the university accommodates students from an array of countries across the globe.

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