Welcome Message from the Indigenous Development Team

We would like to welcome you to the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (MDHS) Indigenous Students web page. Here you will learn about our programs, current students, alumni and staff members.

The Indigenous Development Team is working to expand opportunities for Indigenous participation in study and academic pursuit, and train the next generation of Indigenous health professionals and academics. We are doing this by expanding programs that support the enrolment and graduation of Indigenous students while advancing our existing training and development programs for emerging and established Indigenous leaders.

Indigenous students and graduates will assist in the change process by bringing unique approaches, perspectives and life experiences to health and health care. This improves the curriculum that is taught, raises the quality of clinical care offered, deepens the research interests pursued, broadens community involvements, and results in better policies and practices.

Here at the University of Melbourne, we are also working with our Teaching and Learning staff to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and knowledges into our curriculum in an endeavour to make the classroom a culturally inclusive environment. We understand that Indigenous students bring with them a unique perspective of the world that enriches the learning environment. Indigenous participation and perspectives in health and medicine not only benefits the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples but strengthen overall Australian health systems.

This website will highlight the efforts the Faculty is producing to support and encourage excellence for Indigenous students, teachers and researchers.

The Indigenous Development Team

Indigenous Development Publication

The Sharing Knowledge and Future Leaders – Indigenous Development publication outlines our Faculty's efforts to make a sustained contribution to better health, education and living standards for Indigenous Australians.


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Header artwork note: The header artwork combines an image of white blood cells destroying cancerous target cells and an illustration representing generations of people sustained by the Myrnong (yam daisy) - a historical staple food of Indigenous people, bringing together Indigenous culture, community and the health sciences. The artwork is the product of a collaboration between Shawana Andrews, Misty JenkinsNichole Allder and Kristi Roberts.