Dame Kate Campbell Fellow 2023

Rare Disease Oncogenomics Laboratory
Department of Clinical Pathology and Centre for Cancer Research

My research involves understanding the genomic pathology of rare cancers, the development of diagnostic methods and the implementation clinical genomics for precision medicine. My laboratory (Rare Disease Oncogenomics) is situated within the Department of Clinical Pathology and Centre for Cancer Research.

My lab is addressing the outstanding needs of patients with two rare and poor outcome cancer types: cancer of unknown primary (CUP) and neuroendocrine tumours (NET). I currently lead a team of eight research staff and students across a number of research projects. This includes the MRFF funded SUPER-NEXT study, a genomics implementation study delivering real time clinical whole genome sequencing for hundreds of CUP patients across Australia.

It’s a great honour and privilege to be awarded a Dame Kate Campbell Fellowship. In today’s very challenging funding environment it is truly amazing to receive such great support and recognition by the faculty. I also see the award as a great endorsement of the highly collaborative and impactful research that my team does, for whom I’m very proud. I look forward to using this fellowship to support our research on rare and diagnostically challenging cancers to improve patient health outcomes using genomic technologies. I am also excited to contribute as an active faculty member and continuing to meet and learn from my peers and colleagues at the university.