Face to Face Workshops

Face to face workshops are available throughout the year to those interested in an immersive experience within group learning environments

*Due to COVID-19 workshops will be delivered in an online format.

  • Entrepreneurial Thinking Bootcamp

    The Entrepreneurial Thinking Bootcamp will run from 9am to 1pm with active working sessions and breaks in between.

    • What is an entrepreneurial mindset?
    • Understand value creation
    • Basic business case
  • Technology Transfer Bootcamp

    The Technology Transfer Bootcamp will run over a full day, with three 3-hour active working sessions with breaks in between.

    • IP Basics (pre homework would be to review the relevant videos/content on webpage)
    • Technology Readiness levels
    • When to license vs when to spin out (Licensing options – Basics)
  • Start-up Companies: Getting Investor Ready

    The Start-up Companies Bootcamp will run over a full day, with three 3-hour active working sessions with breaks in between.

    • Customer traction – what does this look like?
    • Prototyping and Minimum Viable Products
    • Understanding different investment types (VC, angel, etc.)
  • Translating Research at Melbourne (TRaM)

    Translating Research at Melbourne (TRaM) is Australia’s premier University-based research impact accelerator program. Since launching in 2016, TRaM has seen over 11 teams complete the program with many going onto commercial success.

    Who is eligible to apply to TRaM?

    All researchers employed by the University of Melbourne and affiliated research institutions, along with their students and collaborators.

    What can TRaM offer me?

    TRaM runs a comprehensive annual program with the aim of giving researchers a toolkit they can use to assess the viability of commercialisation opportunities and ultimately, successfully bring them to market.

    Researchers participating in the TRaM program will receive support, mentoring and dedicated office space throughout the year and up to $25,000 in seed funding.

    Learn more about TRaM

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