Our School Research

The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences is Australia’s largest biomedical research faculty. We employ more than 1500 researchers undertaking world class research across a wide range of health and social issues in a diverse range of research settings.

  • Melbourne Dental School

    The Melbourne Dental School has an outstanding tradition in research. It has forged an international research reputation. The School is a core participant in the Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre. It also participates in the Bio21 Institute where research extends to structural chemistry, bacterial biofilms and peptide vaccine technology.

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  • Melbourne Medical School

    Melbourne Medical School researchers are involved in solving the molecular puzzles posed by disease and injury, including work endeavouring to stimulate nerve regeneration after spinal cord injury; understanding how our immune cells respond to HIV infection; attempting to diagnose Alzheimer's disease early; developing vaccines against cancer and elucidating the mechanisms that regulate body weight and cause heart disease.

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  • Melbourne School of Health Sciences

    With a focus on clinical excellence and world-class research, we are a leading centre of nursing, physiotherapy, social work, audiology and speech pathology, and optometry and vision sciences research in Australia.

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  • Melbourne School of Population and Global Health

    Our academic centres, institutes and units are devoted to research, teaching and engagement covering the broad and specific disciplines, approaches and topics to improve and enhance the health of the world's populations.

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  • Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

    The Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, one of the oldest, largest and most highly regarded departments of psychology in Australia. Our research priorities include psycho-oncology and quantitative psychological modelling.

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  • School of Biomedical Sciences

    Our research is encompassed in several broad research themes. The aim is to increase the opportunities for researchers to conduct research on common themes. This multidisciplinary approach brings together researchers from the social sciences, epidemiology and public health, preventive, clinical and primary care medicine and from basic and applied sciences.

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