What do our current SPARK cohort have to say about the SPARK program?

Hear what our SPARKees say about the SPARK program.

“…SPARK has been an invaluable program for us in many ways but in addition one of its greatest qualities is the atmosphere it creates based on collegiality, support and motivation, without which we would not have achieved what we have so far.”

“Another prominent feature of the program has been the regular progress meetings and education sessions held at both Monash and Melbourne Universities………..formats and contents of these meetings are not only informative and accessible but also promote engagement and workshopping”

“SPPARK has provided a structured framework for receiving confidential advice and input, and collaborative opportunities, from outstanding leaders in translational research, commercialisation and entrepreneurship”

“SPARK has provided a unique opportunity to interact with, learn from, and support, other early- and mid-career researchers in MDHS who are passionate and inspired about making a difference to society through translating their innovations into practice. I feel fortunate to be part of the ‘SPARK family’. As SPARKees, we learn from each other, and share our knowledge and experiences, in a supportive environment”