SPARK Global Meeting

Invitation to 5th Annual SPARK Global Meeting, Sydney 2019

Dear SPARK Global Directors and Participants,

It is time again to come together and celebrate our successes for another year at the annual SPARK Global meeting. We, therefore, warmly invite you to attend the 5th annual SPARK Global meeting, this year being hosted in Sydney, Australia. The meeting will be held 5th – 8th September 2019 with a range of events including:

5th September: Celebratory evening event to highlight and share our successes at SPARK Global with the SPARK Global Directors, partners of SPARK Global and members of Parliament (evening). We are looking into inviting ambassadors and other representatives from various countries to the event to highlight the international impact of the event.

6th September: Final presentations from the students partaking in the 7th Annual Training Course in Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship (morning), and Accelerating Australia showcase of national scientists and their translational projects (late afternoon/evening)

7th September: SPARK directors meeting to discuss local and global successes, hurdles, the SPARK educational program, multinational collaborative projects and how to continue to build  SPARK Global’s success for the years to come.

8th September: Training day for newcomer projects of SPARK Global

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