SPARK visit to MedTech Conference in Boston

SPARK Melbourne alumni Dr Matias Maturana attended  the Med Tech Conference in Boston as part of the MTPConnect delegation in September 2019.

MTPConnect is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to accelerate the development of the medical technologies, biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals (MTP) sector to achieve greater commercialisation and establish Australia as an Asia-Pacific hub for MTP companies.

While there, Dr Maturana attended presentations on a range of topics including: the use of health data (Mayo Clinic); wearable technologies and robotics (Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital industry partners)  and the art of pitching to investors (Dreamit Ventures’ Steve Barsh).

“The trip was great because of the connections made within the MTPConnect delegation. I met representatives from MTP Connect, Accelerating Australia, various incubators, universities and other startups from Australia”, said Dr Maturana.

“In particular, I networked with regulatory experts who shed light on the experiments we would need to demonstrate for regulatory approval and how best to structure these experiments to obtain approval.

Separate to the MTPConnect delegation, I also visited MIT, Analog Devices HQ and Boston Eye and Ear. This has led to a possible future collaboration with MIT.”