National Health and Medical Research Council funding success

Congratulations to Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences National Health and Medical Research Council successful grant recipients for commencement in 2022.

We had great success in the Faculty with the recently announced outcomes for several National Health and Medical Research Council schemes, for commencement in 2022.

I would like to congratulate the 36 Investigator Grant recipients, and researchers leading four Centres of Research Excellence, two Partnership Projects and the Targeted Call for Research on End of Life Care in our Faculty who received funding.

These outcomes are reward for effort for each successful investigator and their teams and I wish them success in their projects.

Professor Alicia Spittle
Associate Dean (Research)

NHMRC Investigator Grant awardees and their projects

Dr Jessica Heerde- Improving the health status and reducing the mortality gap for vulnerable young Australians
Dr Raissa Fonseca - Engineering T cells to promote peripheral immunity
A/Prof Linda Wakim - Generating an effective T-cell based influenza vaccine
Dr Sophie Valkenburg - Harnessing immunity for optimal SARS-CoV-2 and influenza vaccines
Dr Sarah Price - Improving maternal metabolic health prior to pregnancy to prevent metabolic disease in the offspring
A/Prof Caroline Lodge - Identifying and addressing preventable causes of asthma over the lifespan
A/Prof Jason Trubiano - Implementing point-of-care tools and precision medicine approaches for antibiotic allergy to improve prescribing and medication safety in health services
A/Prof Rohan Borschmann - Reducing self-harm, suicide and early mortality in marginalised young people.
Dr Amy Chung - Serological Correlates of Protection and Pathogenesis in Infectious and Autoimmune Disease
Dr Zac Seidler - Men in Mind: Training clinicians to engage men in mental health treatment
A/Prof Daniel Steinfort - Improving survival in lung cancer using novel minimally invasive bronchoscopic techniques
Dr Leigh Walker - Sex differences in alcohol use disorders: harnessing reverse translation for target discovery
A/Prof Scott Ayton - Investigating new targets and treatments for Alzheimer’s disease: from biochemistry through to clinical trial
A/Prof Kimberley Haines - Co-designed Critical Care Recovery
Prof Sammy Bedoui - Understanding how DC-T cell interactions regulate human disease
Dr Dinh Bui - Reducing the burden of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): novel phenotypes, risk factors and biomarkers
A/Prof Jo Robinson - Using social media to reduce suicide and self-harm in young people
Prof James McCluskey - Immunity mediated by MHC class I-related protein (MR1)
Dr Genevieve Rayner - Phenotyping Neurobehavioural Disorders in People with Epilepsy
Prof David Bowtell - Driving Improvements in Ovarian Cancer Survival through Molecular and Clinical Studies
Prof Michael Kamm - Microbiome Manipulation to Treat and Cure Inflammatory Bowel Disease
A/Prof Peter De Cruz - Improving Outcomes in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Multifaceted Program of Research
Prof Dale Godfrey - Unconventional T cells: Fundamental biology and therapeutic potential
Dr Ada Cheung - Improving the health and wellbeing of transgender Australians
Dr Xinyang Hua - Strengthen the role of health economics in perinatal health to inform priority setting and funding decisions
A/Prof Thomas Oxley - Endovascular Neuromodulation
Dr Jennifer Juno - Harnessing T cell immunity to boost vaccine efficacy
Dr Laura Cook - Harnessing CD4+ Regulatory T Cells to Enhance Formation of Protective Immunity Against Human Viruses
Dr Benjamin Parker - Targeting skeletal muscle for the treatment of insulin resistance
Dr Hyon Xhi Tan - Driving rational improvement of vaccines against respiratory viruses
Dr Simon Graham - Developing a community-led coordination and response guide for a syphilis outbreak in Aboriginal communities
Dr David Stroud - Developing a multi-omics platform for the diagnosis of mitochondrial disease
Dr Jennifer Nicholas - Lost in translation: Accelerating the implementation of digital interventions in youth mental health
Prof Michael Hofman - Personalised medicine to improve outcomes for men with prostate cancer through seamless integration of novel imaging and targeted therapy (theranostics)
Dr Freya Shearer - Mitigating the impacts of infectious disease emergencies
A/Prof Shahneen Sandhu - Improving outcomes for men with advanced prostate cancer through innovative clinical trials and biomarker development.

Centres of Research Excellence

A/Pr Dina LoGiudice - On TRACK (Teaching, Research And Community Knowledges) : CRE promoting brain health with older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
Prof Ingrid Scheffer - Centre for Research Excellence in Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathies
Prof John Hopper - Centre of Research Excellence in Precision Public Health Approaches to Breast Cancer Screening, Early Detection and Mortality Reduction
Dr Scott Ayton - Centre of Research Excellence in Enhanced Dementia Diagnosis (CREEDD)

Partnership Projects

Prof Jane Hocking - A digital sexual health hub: Co-design, development and evaluation of an online sexual health clinic
Prof Kim Bennell - Improving outcomes for hip osteoarthritis: program evaluation of HipHealth, an evidence-based telehealth exercise and weight loss program

Targeted Call for Research - End of Life Care

Prof Peter Hudson - Improving the wellbeing of people with advanced cancer and their family carers: An effectiveness-implementation trial of an Australian dyadic digital health intervention (FOCUSau)