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Much of the Faculty’s success can be attributed to the spread of its campuses and strength of dynamic partnerships across health services and research institutes co-located in precincts in metropolitan Melbourne and rural Victoria. The Faculty is a major stakeholder in the development of these vibrant health and education precincts.

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The strategic directions refresh survey closed on 30 September and is being used to inform the development of the MDHS strategic plan for the next ten years. Relevant documents and progress updates will continue to be posted to this page.

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The Strategic Context

Advancing Melbourne 2030 sets a new strategic direction for the University over the next decade. The Faculty needs to align our next strategic plan to Advancing Melbourne and the current Victorian and Australian Government strategic and operating contexts.

The Victorian Government has named Parkville and Arden as priority precincts for growth to deliver jobs, housing and infrastructure in liveable, sustainable ways. Substantial capital redevelopment programs are being planned or are underway across the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct, including the new Metropolitan Rail (opening in 2025), redevelopment of Royal Melbourne Hospital and Royal Women’s Hospital, development of the Arden Precinct as an innovation hub, creation of the Australian Institute of Infectious Disease to name a few. The Faculty is a major stakeholder in the development of these priority precincts and in this context, it is timely to consider the strategic directions for our Faculty. The Australian Government has also called for Universities to raise the impact of their research. Specifically, they need to translate and commercialise their research into breakthrough products, new businesses and ideas to grow the economy and strengthen our society.

We need to strive for a bold, future-focussed strategy for the Faculty that provides a vision 10 years from now.

Next steps

Your responses to the survey will be reviewed by the project team. Your feedback will help us develop and implement the Faculty’s strategic plan.