Our Co-Design Model

Our research focuses on the personal, social and organisational psychology of behaviour change. We investigate (i) processes directing individual behaviour, (ii) evidence-based techniques capable of changing behaviour, (iii) social interaction patterns that change behaviour, (iv) the behaviour of professionals and practitioners, including interaction with clients, patients and members of the public, (v) environmental change capable of prompting behaviour change, (vi) the design and management of organisations that direct behaviour patterns and (vii) the development, implementation and evaluation of behaviour-change interventions, including digital interventions.

Our work is premised on people with lived-experience at the centre of operations and activities. We do this by working with participants in our Co-Design Living Labs research registry. The research registry is 1000+ member group of people who have experience of mental and physical health conditions. Our aim to is to ensure individual, organisational and system change and, most importantly, improvements to health outcomes. We do this by using the most suitable participatory methods to the problem at hand—co-design for tools and prototypes, technologies and interventions, co-production of knowledge outputs for example contributing to policy briefs, research papers and presentations, development of the epatient-eprofessional model (empowered and engaged patients & enabled professionals) for education and improvement.

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