Artificial Intelligence

Using AI to augment mental health care and personalise treatment.

Online therapeutic interventions typically rely on static self-report assessments or human moderators to determine mental health care needs. A central focus of our work at Orygen Digital is exploring ways of enhancing and integrating these tools with artificial intelligence, to deliver cost-effective responsive care that evolves with the changing needs of young people and families. This is done via our partnership with the project Digital Technology and Artificial Intelligence for Mental Health at the University of Melbourne School of Computing and Information Systems.

We use machine learning and natural language processing tools, which allow us to continually learn from each individual’s patterns of use and posts to the system. This is information is fed back to human moderators via easily understood charts and summaries, to inform their treatment planning. It is also used to provide immediate automated therapy suggestions to the individual, based on their user profile and detected in-the-moment needs and interests. We believe that this merging of human support and automated tools will be integral to the wider dissemination of truly personalised mental health care that engages young people and families over time.

Projects using this solution: Rebound, Momentum, eOrygen.MOST, PRODIGY