A new model of care for relatives of young people with borderline personality disorder.

The family members of adolescents with borderline personality disorder (BPD) are among the most severely and chronically burdened in the Australian health care system. Our team has partnered with the leading Helping Young People Early Service (HYPE) at Orygen to design a new solution to this problem. As a result of this collaboration we have developed the Kindred online platform, which integrates social networking, evidence-based psychoeducation for BPD, problem-solving skills training, and peer and expert moderation.

In 2018 Kindred was tested via a 3-month pilot study with 30 carers from the HYPE clinic. Preliminary data confirms the safety and acceptability of the platform for carers of young people with BPD, and we are currently planning further applications and evaluations of the platform.

Kindred was made possible by the Australian Catholic University Research Funding Program.