The Centre for Digital Transformation of Health works with a wide range of organisations, to improve the management of health data, information and knowledge for better health outcomes.

Engagement by the Centre for Digital Transformation of Health engagement extends across a wide range of stakeholder organisations in health, including those that represent the interest of patients, carers and citizens; healthcare professionals; health service providers; health policy-makers and strategists; health researchers; and ehealth/digital health industries in the tech sector.

Our engagement takes many forms, including partnerships that supports:

  • advisory and consultancy services;
  • grant applications to research and development founders;
  • presentations by visiting scholars and expert practitioners;
  • profession and industry boards and committee service;
  • promoting education and research events through social media;
  • seminars and workshops planning and co-hosting;
  • student industry internships / placements;
  • student research projects

We welcome enquiries from prospective partners. Please send brief details via email to or telephone +61 3 9035 8703, so that a staff member can follow up with you for further discussion of your interests.