University of Melbourne Excellence Awards

The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (MDHS) is delighted to congratulate the many MDHS recipients of the 2022 University of Melbourne Excellence Awards.

The University of Melbourne Excellence Awards celebrate the work of University staff and recognise the outstanding achievements of academic and professional staff across the University. There are four categories of awards: The Melbourne Global, Place and Community Awards, The Melbourne Research Excellence Awards, the Melbourne Professional Excellence Awards and The Melbourne Teaching Excellence Awards.

A ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of this year’s winners will be held in the Old Quad on 7 December 2022.

Congratulations to the following MDHS staff who have received 2022 University of Melbourne Excellence Awards:

Global, Place and Community Excellence Awards

Award for Excellence in Building and Strengthening Student Diversity

Jessica Sturk

Award for Excellence in Building Student Connection and Belonging

Trish Thorpe

Patricia Grimshaw Award for Mentor Excellence

Associate Professor Lauren Ayton

Professional Excellence Awards

Award for Professional Excellence and Innovation

Sarah English

Research Excellence Awards

Award for Excellence in Enabling Research

Methods and Implementation Support for Clinical and Health research (MISCH) Hub – Professor Julie Simpson, Shaie O’Brien, An Nguyen, Katie Boncza Ozdowska, Professor Mark Jenkins, Sabine Braat, Dr Karen Lamb, Dr Emily Karahalios, Dr Anurika de Silva, Dr Digsu Koye, Vanessa Pac Soo, Dr Robert Mahar, Dr Alistair McLean, Dr Sophie Zaloumis, Joanna Ling, Professor Leonid Churilov, Dr Hannah Johns, Dominic Italiano, Professor Kim Dalziel, Dr An Duy Tran, Dr Ting Zhao, Paul Amores, Professor Douglas Boyle, David Ormiston-Smith, Professor Victoria Palmer, Dr Jennifer Bibb, Associate Professor Adam Deane, Fiona McManus

Award for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Research (joint award from the following faculties: Faculty of Arts; Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology; Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences; Faculty of Science)

repliCATS Team - Professor Fiona Fidler, Dr Martin Bush, Dr Fallon Mody, Dr Eden Smith, Dr Hannah Fraser, Dr Felix Singleton Thorn, Dr Bonnie Wintle, Dr Anca Hanae, Dr David Wilkinson, Aaron Willcox, Professor Peter Vesk, Kahlil Hodgson, Cassie Watts, Dr Rose O’Dea, Elliot Gould, Steven Kambouris, Daniel Hamilton, Raquel Ashton, Rania Poulis, Mel Ross, Professor Richard Sinnott, Glenn Tesla Jayaputera, Ivo Widjaja, Ivy Zhang, Andrew Head, Dr Libby Rumpff, Dr Victoria Hemming, Dr Ans Vercammen, Beth Clarke, Rebecca Groenewegen, Fazil Hassen, Ross Pearson, Professor Mark Burgman, Professor Simine Vazire

Award for Excellence in Mid-Career Research Achievements

Dr Stanley Cheng Xie

Award for Excellence in Research Programs with External Organisations

Professor Nathan Grills, Professor Ajay Mahal, Dr Lindsey Gale, Nicole Bishop

Teaching Excellence Awards

Award for Excellence and Innovation in Indigenous Higher Education

Ways of Knowing Collaborative Leadership Team – Joanne Bolton, Dr Ngaree Blow, Madelyn Hudson-Buhagiar, Brooke Conley, Professor Elizabeth Molloy, Carolyn Cracknell, Donya Eghrari, Associate Professor Lilon Bandler, Dr Peter Carew, Professor Julie Satur, Jiangli Tan, Tamara Clements, Heather Buttigieg, Adi Lipscombe, Philippa Marriot, Jo Martin, Associate Professor Anthea Cochrane, Professor Louisa Remedios, Dr Jessica Stander, Dr Karen Donald, Associate Professor Christina Bryant, Sue Durham, Emma Barnard, Dr Nicole Hill, Dr Rebecca Waring, Dr Samantha Byrne

David White Award for Teaching Excellence

Dr Kwang Meng Cham

Norman Curry Award for Innovation and Excellence in Educational Programs

Melbourne Medical School Assessment Team – Professor Anna Ryan, Dr Terry Judd, Dr Simone Elliott, Kimberley Hokin