MDHS Indigenous Postdoctoral Fellows announced

The MDHS Indigenous Postdoctoral Fellowship aims to support the next generation of Indigenous academics.

Emily Munro-Harrison_Rachel Joyce.jpg

Pictured: (L-R) Emily Munro-Harrison and Rachel Joyce

The Faculty and its Schools are delighted to announce Emily Munro-Harrison and Rachel Joyce as the latest recipients of the MDHS Indigenous Postdoctoral Fellowships. This initiative aims to support career pathways for the next generation of Indigenous health research leaders.

Emily Munro-Harrison is a PhD candidate in the School of Population and Global Health. Emily is a Wiradjuri woman with a decade of experience in evaluation and strengths-based community driven qualitative research in Indigenous youth and family violence, connection to place, identity and culture. The Fellowship will support Emily’s academic vision to develop a program of research that influences better Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community engagement and community involvement in research undertaken through the University.

Rachel Joyce is a Wiradjuri and Wailwan PhD student in the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI). Rachel has conceptualised innovative strategies to address important questions in the breast and ovarian cancer fields, contributed to several scientific publications through collaborations with various scientists, and made significant contribution to clinically impactful cancer research. The Fellowship will allow Rachel to contribute to our growing Indigenous research community and improve health outcomes for Indigenous cancer patients and cancer patients more broadly.

The Faculty is committed to building a strong scholarly community of Indigenous academics who will actively contribute to health research and address critical health issues facing Indigenous communities. This important initiative is jointly supported by our Schools.

Thank you to all who applied for the MDHS Indigenous Postdoctoral Fellows, and congratulations to Emily and Rachel. The Faculty and its Schools look forward to supporting them to achieve their research and academic goals during their fellowships.