Bootcamp provides immersive introduction to healthcare innovation and impact

A group of 16 PhD candidates enrolled with the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences enjoyed an immersive introduction to healthcare innovation and impact at the three-day MDHS Health Innovation and Enterprise Bootcamp, held from Sunday 29 October to Tuesday 31 October.

Participants at the welcome dinner held on the first night of the bootcamp.

Participants were tasked with developing and presenting an innovative solution to a real-world health challenge.

Participants formed five multidisciplinary teams and were tasked with developing an innovative health solution to a real-world health challenge, ahead of presenting their ideas to an audience of faculty leaders and experts in health commercialisation at a pitch event held on the final day of the program. The audience selected two winning teams who shared a $2,000 cash prize.

Leila Nategh, Bianca Fato, Rutaiwan Dusadeepon and Li Li (Team 4) were awarded first place for their presentation on a fictional application designed for the diagnosis of neurological disorders.

“Attending the bootcamp gave me an amazing opportunity to reflect on commercialisation if I want to sell the ideas that arise from my research,” said team member Leila Nategh.

“How do I present the idea to the market? Is the idea valuable and practical? These are questions I never thought of during my research but that are important for my future.”

Scotia Mullin, Layal El Wazan and Hanieh Beyrampour-Basmenj (Team 5) were also awarded first place for their presentation of Assisted Strangulation Method Identification Tool (ASMIT), a fictional tool that aims to properly identify cases of violent strangulation.

Their tool is based on real-world research from anthropologists, pathologists and epidemiologists.

“I found the Bootcamp to be a great way to meet some new friends and learn the art of advocating for myself and my research,” said team member Scotia Mullin.

“The bootcamp allowed me to think critically about the impacts my research and the research of others may have in the future.”

Congratulations to all participating teams for their efforts in developing and presenting their ideas. Stay informed about future bootcamps on the MDHS Innovation and Enterprise website.