2023 MDHS Graduate Research Conference 22 – 23 November

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It gives me great pleasure to invite you to our MDHS Graduate Research Conference 2023. This event provides an exciting opportunity for you to present your latest research findings, collaborate, network and, most importantly, have some fun. We will celebrate the many achievements of our graduate researchers and also develop networks across our diverse cohorts. Whether you are working in a lab or a hospital or a research institute or a university department, this conference is for you! I look forward to seeing you all at this event and hear about your amazing research that is changing the future of health. A big thank you to the executive team of graduate researchers who have worked hard to ensure the successful running of this conference.​

- Professor Justine Mintern (pictured left)​

Associate Dean Graduate Research MDHS

Welcome to the MDHS Graduate Research Conference 2023! 

Although research can be quite arduous at times, the work our graduate researchers put in should be celebrated. That's why we're proud to be running the MDHS Graduate Research Conference again in 2023. This conference is a wonderful opportunity for us to  step outside of our fields of expertise and develop a broader understanding of the research being conducted across the faculty. We hope that the conference is not only very mentally stimulating, but also provides a safe environment for all involved as we know that presenting and asking questions at a conference can be daunting.

We believe that through this conference and its satellite activities, we'll all continue to develop and become better future leaders. The conference will provide opportunities to improve our science communication skills, develop our networks, and enhance our understanding of the health sciences so that we are better prepared to make a positive change in the world. If you have any questions or suggestions, please be sure to reach out!

We look forward to seeing you in November!

-  The MDHS Graduate Research Conference Executive Committee: Georgia Wong, Benjamin Czapla, Dhruti Parikh, Yaan-Kit Ng, Jessica Xu, Jesslyn Lamtara, Shana Portelli & Riyaben Patel

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The MDHS Graduate Research Conference Executive Committee 2023 (left to right): Benjamin Czapla, Yaan-Kit Ng, Georgia Wong, Riyaben Patel, Jesslyn Lamtara, Jessica Xu, Shana Portelli & Dhruti Parikh 

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