Interprofessional Educator Facilitator Training

50 staff and students from across the Faculty of MDHS came together during September-October 2020 for a global first of online delivery of Interprofessional Education Facilitator Training by the Centre for the Advancement in Interprofessional Education (CAIPE), UK.

IPEP workshop

This exciting initiative aims to develop and support a community of Interprofessional Education Facilitators widely through the Faculty of MDHS who model the behaviours, attributes and values of working together, teaching together and learning together.

The online training was a world first for the Centre for the Advancement in Interprofessional Education (CAIPE), a UK independent think-tank that connects an international community of practice in IPE and experts in IPE Faciliator training.

The training brought together 47 staff inclusive of all 6 Schools and Departments and 3 students representing two very active student groups from the Teddy Bear Hospital Student Committee and Interprofessional Education and Practice Health Students  Network (IPEP HSN). Participants took part in two online workshops and interacted with an online community with a number of activities before and after the two workshops.  Given it's a global first researchers from CAIPE in collaboration with MDHS IPEP team will be researching the benefits and challenges of the online training model.