MDHS values

MDHS Values Artwork
Artist: Kat Clarke; Wurundjeri, translation: Gail Smith, Wurundjeri Elder from Wurundjeri Council

We work to improve the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve. We invest in developing the careers and wellbeing of our students and staff, fostering a culture that supports us all to do our best work. We are guided by our values in our pursuit of excellence.

Artist statement and interpretation
Artist: Kat Clarke
Wurundjeri translation: Gail Smith, Wurundjeri Elder from Wurundjeri Council

This artwork depicts the united values MDHS are guided by. The shields are a representation of how we are protected by these values but also loyal to them. Surrounding the shields are the communities that are connected to MDHS, such as the Hospitals and research centres. The line work pattern in the shields represent how each value is linked as each one doesn't work without the other.

Respect (footprints)


When we think of respect we are being considerate of each other, the land, waterways and the
animals. The footprints are a reflection of how we show respect but are also a representation of walking in others shoes and being mindful that we all come from different journeys.  A key value that we should always be respectful of each other, the young, old, those who walked before us and others that will pave the way.

In the Faculty MDHS:

  • We respect the diversity of histories, lived experiences and futures of our students, staff and communities we serve
  • We see diversity, inclusion and personal growth as a strength
  • We create a safe place to work that fosters belonging and aspiration

Accountability (boomerangs)

Accountability / Responsibility / Leader-meaning-Liwik

The shield of accountability is one that enforces trust and honesty. The hand that actions is also the hand that is accountable for any mistakes or issues that arise. It is a reminder that like a boomerang the problem or issue will keep returning unless dealt with appropriately and with ownership.

In the Faculty MDHS:
  • We are accountable for our actions, outcomes and conduct
  • Our processes are efficient and transparent
  • We hold ourselves accountable to those we serve
  • We uphold our sense of place and our responsibility for the environment

Compassion (3 people)

Compassion / Understanding-meaning-Ngarrga

The shield of compassion is one that reflects unity, understanding, support and community. It is a reminder that we should always have a kind and understanding approach in our actions, and when working with or for others.

In the Faculty MDHS:
  • We provide an environment that is caring and upholds the health and wellbeing of our students and staff
  • We have the courage to act on our convictions
  • We communicate and clarify our expectations of each other

Collaboration and Teamwork (circle of people)

Collaboration and Teamwork / Building Together-meaning-Ngiagat Djerring

The shield of collaboration and teamwork represents people of all nations coming together with the same goal in mind for community and a willingness to work together to see successful outcomes. The image is a representation of how collaboration and teamwork is a continuous circle that encourages support of one another to grow, create, lead and succeed.

In the Faculty MDHS:
  • We collaborate with each other and our partners to lead the advancement of health and wellbeing
  • We connect locally and globally to advance and enrich the communities we serve
  • We share our knowledge and expertise to achieve our goals
  • We drive innovation and are open to new perspectives, ideas and ways of working

Integrity (owl)

Integrity / Trustfulness-meaning-Tarrn-doon-nonin

When I think of integrity I imagine the Owl or Mopoke is what my mob call them.  They're wise creatures who go forth with strength and grace. They're a representation of honesty and solid morals.  Like the Owl, I believe we as humans also hold this within us when we make choices and hold belief in something that is close and important to us.

In the Faculty MDHS:
  • We apply the highest standards of ethics and quality in all that we do
  • Honesty and trust underpin our relationships
  • We believe in freedom of intellectual enquiry and the value of diverse cultural knowledges
  • We are humble learners and proud leaders