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Looking after your mental health

Dealing with remote work and physical distancing can leave us feeling isolated and lonely. These feelings can take a toll on our energy levels and mental health.

Looking after our wellbeing and mental health is more important than ever and below are a few simple to tips, tools and resources to help.

Create clear boundaries between work and personal time in remote settings

  • While home is work and work is home, it is especially important to set boundaries and make sure we switch off when the workday is done. This helps create a proper separation mentally, even if physically we are still ‘in the office.’ Not having physical separation between home and work can leave you feeling ‘switched on’ all the time. It can be detrimental to your mental and emotional wellbeing if work creeps into your life.

Make use of wellbeing and mindfulness apps

One-one-one connections

  • Showing empathy and offering support to our colleagues is an easy and powerful way of showing care for each other. When talking with our colleagues, before we get down to business and discuss work, ask how they are doing. It used to be a formality, but now it is an important thing and cannot be discounted.
  • The University’s Employee Assistance Program is also available for anyone, who needs targeted one‑on‑one support. Book a session and explore available resources here.

Staying fit and well

Focus on what’s in your control. Sometimes, our feelings of anxiety may come from a place of wanting to make sense of uncertainty, which is a perfectly human thing to want to do. We all have a limited amount of energy, and sometimes we drain our energy focusing on things that are out of our control. Make a choice to focus on things within your control.

Self-directed mental health checks

It’s a difficult and challenging time for everyone and keeping a check on how we are feeling is important.

Resources and support

Employee Assistance Program

Counselling and Psychological Services

Safer Community

Safer Community (report sexual misconduct page, including speak safely tool)

Lifeline Australia

Anonymous register

Principles for Respectful Supervisory Relationships

Appropriate Workplace Behaviours policy

Appropriate Workplace Behaviours Compliance training

Alcohol Policy

Research Integrity and Misconduct Policy

Graduate Research Training Policy

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