School of Biomedical Sciences

Early to Mid Career Academics Association (EMCAA)

The School of Health Sciences Early to Mid-Career Academics Association (EMCAA) is established to facilitate inter-connectedness and collaboration between anyone who identifies as an early or mid-career academic within the Department of Nursing, Department of Audiology or Speech Pathology, Department of Optometry, Department of Physiotherapy or Department of Social Work.

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EMCAA Committee Chairs

Dr Belinda Lawford | EMCAA co-Chair

Research Assistant, Department of Physiotherapy | Email

Dr Anneliese Spiteri-Staines | EMCAA co-Chair

Research Fellow, Department of Social Work | Email

Dr Ruth Braden | EMCAA co-Chair

Early Career Academic, Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology | Email

Dr Josh Allen | EMCAA Co-chair

Senior Lecturer, Department of Nursing | Email

Dr Marianne Coleman | EMCAA co-Chair

Research Fellow, Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences | Email