The Landscape for Emerging Health and Medical Academic Leaders in Australia

The Australian higher education system is a national asset, with early and mid career academics (EMCAs) representing half of the higher education workforce. These academics have roles which can include research, teaching and service activities.

As the Australian Commonwealth government has committed to ‘drive lasting and transformative reform in Australia’s higher education system’ through the Australian Universities Accord, here we address the gap in available national data relating to the experiences and wellbeing of early and mid career academics.

This research project was jointly led by University of Melbourne and Monash University academics. It comprises a comprehensive survey encompassed 660 eligible EMCAs from health and medical faculties across Australia, including seven states and territories and fourteen universities.

Participants provided insights into workplace culture, well-being, and their views of the academic profession more broadly.

Taken together, these responses detail aspects of the national higher education landscape that need to be addressed for the sector to be sustainable and to thrive in years to come.

Findings at a glance:

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Report and Supporting docments


The attached report provides an overview of the Australian national survey of workplace culture and wellbeing (2023) for early- and mid-career academics (EMCAs) employed at health and medicine-related faculties. Prepared by Dr. George Taiaroa, Dr. Kelly Kirkland, Dr. Belinda Lawford, Dr. Courtney Walton, Dr. Katrina Long and Assoc. Prof. Darshini Ayton, with support from colleagues and Research Australia.

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