MDHS ECR Network Lockdown Challenge

Do you miss people? Do you miss coffee with friends? Do you miss networking? Do you miss Friday drinks?  Well … have we got the next best thing – it involves team competition and a prize.

The ECR network would like to present you with the opportunity to have fun, socialise, and connect with your peers, by participating in the inaugural (and hopefully the last) ECR Network Lockdown Challenge.

To Register: Click this link

Excited? Curious? Details are below.

  1. What is the Lockdown challenge?

    As the name implies, this activity involves completing team challenges during the lockdown period. Upon registering you will be assigned to a team. All teams will be issued with the same challenge and given 2 weeks to complete and submit the challenge. The team that accumulates the highest scores over the challenge period will be the winner of the ECR Network Lockdown Challenge.

  2. How long does the Lockdown Challenge go for?

    8 weeks (4 team challenges)

  3. What type of time commitment does this involve?

    This is entirely up to you and your team – the challenges have been reviewed by your peers and have been chosen based on popularity, and comfort. Challengers do require you interact with your team members. Technically you could complete a challenge in 60 minutes.

  4. When will it start?

    21st of September 2020

  5. Who is eligible?

    If you would like to participate … then you can participate.

  6. How will teams be allocated?

    Great question. There was a discussion about whether there should be school/departmental teams or whether it should be random allocations. Some people were excited about the interfaculty challenge others, not so much. Ultimately, it is your decision – when you register you will be asked your team preference.

  7. How do I interact with my team?

    You can interact with your team in whichever way you and your team decide. Current circumstances do mean virtual meetings, but you can use any virtual platform (Skype, WhatsApp etc.) available to you.

  8. Is there a prize for the Winner?

    Of course, there is a prize for the winning team!

  9. How do I register?

By clicking this link and filling out the short questionnaire.

Note you must use your University of Melbourne Account to access the link.