2019 Alternative Careers Night Recap

More and more young researchers are considering pursuing careers outside academia. However, many are uncertain about navigating the transition into non-academic careers. TO help demystify the process, the MDHS ECR network organised the Alternate Careers in Science in event on April 11 2019 at the Bio21 Institute auditorium. The event was chaired by Prof. Patrick Reading (Dept. of Microbiology & Immunology, and Senior Scientist and Educator at the WHO) and included presentations from Natalie Gunn: Healthcare Lead, IBM Research Australia, Sinthujan Jegaskanda: Patent Scientist, FPA Patent Attorneys and  Lachlan Gray: Medical Manager, ViiV Healthcare. The speakers each shared from their own experiences in academia, how they transitioned out of academia, and their current roles. They also spoke about the dos and don’ts when considering a non-academic position. The presentations were followed by a panel discussion. The evening concluded with a networking session where attendees were able to speak with the panellist 1-0-1. The event was well attended and well received. Participants found both the panel discussion and the interaction with speakers during the networking particularly useful.

Top: Natalie Gunn sharing about her journey from PhD student at the Department of Biochemistry to Healthcare Lead at IMB Research. Bottom: The panel discussion led by Prof Patrick Reading.