Terms of Reference

Core Objective:

To provide representation, advocacy and support to early career academics, to achieve research excellence and improve wellbeing at MDHS.

This is through participation at MDHS faculty committees, through organisation of career and skills development workshops and symposia alongside other events, through organisation of annual early career academic-focused town halls and symposia, and through coordinated efforts with early career groups in the faculty and elsewhere.


Membership of the MDHS early career academic group is open to any MDHS employee employed at Level A, B or C, or who otherwise identifies as an early career academic.


The MDHS early career academic group is led by a steering committee (20-30 individuals) including two co-chairs and one or more secretaries and treasurers, aiming to maintain gender parity and achieve representation across schools where possible. The steering committee meets monthly, with attendees outlining relevant events and updates and allowing for open discussion of the group’s progress and priorities. The group has three further subcommittees that meet when appropriate, focused on Events, Communication and Advocacy.

The events subcommittee has a focus on the planning and delivery of early career related events, both those led by the group and those in collaboration with other groups with shared interest. These include annual symposia and town halls, alongside smaller events focused on relevant skills (writing, reviewing, leadership), application to given grant schemes (NHMRC, ARC) and social gatherings.

The communications subcommittee has a focus on maintaining and strengthening the connections between the MDHS early career academic group, sharing relevant material, events and opportunities through the email list, as well as continuing the social media presence of the group.

The advocacy subcommittee has a focus on the interface with MDHS faculty, providing coordinated efforts to advance and advocate for early career-related issues at relevant faculty committees and meetings. This subcommittee includes individuals participating at the Faculty Research Committee, School Research Committees, Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Action Committee, Chancellery Research Development Unit meetings and others.