Committee Roles

To distribute the workload, the ECR Network leadership will comprise of an Executive Council and several subcommittees focused on specific activities. The roles committee member are expected to perform is provided below.


  • Convene ECR meetings
  • Collect items for agenda for ECR meetings (with Secretary)
  • Set agenda for ECR meetings (with Secretary)
  • Represent ECR Network to Faculty (on the MDHS Executive Committee)


  • Collect items for agenda for Council meetings (with Chairperson)
  • Set agenda for Council meetings (with Chairperson)
  • Collect apologies for meetings
  • Read previous minutes for approval
  • Record Council meeting minutes
  • Distribute minutes to Council with action items highlighted


  • Report each Council meeting on the finances of the ECR Network
  • Prepare reports on costs for each event
  • Handle funds that are generated from events
  • Prepare a yearly budget for the ECR network
  • Liaise with Faculty regarding budget

Sponsorship Subcommittee

  • Sponsorship Officer to report each Council meeting on sponsorship interactions
  • Committee to meet and manage sourcing of sponsorship
  • Approach companies to establish funding sources
  • Work with Treasurer to maintain funding stream
  • Work with Events Committee to establish appropriate events

Events Subcommittee

  • Events Officer to report each Council meeting on completed and upcoming events of the ECR Network
  • Committee to meet and prepare events
  • Liaise with Treasurer re. event budgets
  • Liaise with Helen Edwards re. event co-ordination
  • Prepare advertising for events
  • Liaise with the Communications Committee re. advertising
  • Execute/participate in events
  • Canvas new network members at event
  • Co-ordinate with all other committees

Communication & Outreach Subcommittee

  • Communications/Outreach Officer to report each Council meeting on communication-related issues of the ECR Network and on outreach events and relationships
  • Committee to meet and manage external communications
  • Create ECR brand
  • Manage Twitter account
  • Manage Facebook account
  • Create ECR website
  • Manage website
  • Maintain listserv
  • Canvas for new members
  • Run and online suggestion box
  • Regularly canvas internally for new ECR network recruits
  • Engage with ECR committees at affiliated institutes
  • Engage with ECR committees more broadly within Australia
  • Engage with professional societies and organisations
  • Engage with the public: schools, community groups
  • Collect information about opportunities for engagement
  • Feed information to the Communications committee
  • Work with Events committee to establish appropriate events