Found your problem-solution fit? Unlock your pathway to adoption with the right solution-system fit.

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The Validitron helps start-ups tackling a clear clinical problem to navigate through first implementation to market success.

Questioning if the standard innovation playbook actually works for healthtech?

  • Infuriated by patients suffering poor care and avoidable harm?
  • Baffled by the healthcare ecosystem?
  • Struggling to demonstrate the clinical usability of your product?
  • Worried you'll get stuck at the pilot stage?

Don't just tell people your product works. Prove it.

  • Spearhead long-lasting transformation in healthcare.
  • Secure funding through a bulletproof case for adoption.
  • Get the market traction you need.

Find out how we can help

Our services

Development roadmaps

Got a prototype? We can help you plan a development roadmap to make sure you don't waste a money on an MVP that doesn't work in clinical settings.

User testing & pilots

Struggling to prove to clinicians and investors that your prototype works?

We can help you identify and generate the evidence you need to get the most traction and articulate your product's benefits to investors.

Simulation services

Simulate and test your product in a realistic environment to get the best possible user insights. Or just demonstrate it and capture media collateral.

Our SimLab has configurable primary and tertiary care, as well as home and therapy spaces.

Integration testing

Don't wait until you're asked how your product will integrate with healthcare information systems.

Our Sandbox replicates electronic medical records and backend systems so you can ensure your product will work in practice while you're still developing it.

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