Oops! I'm on the wrong patient

Dr Jason Adelman will surprise you with how he developed his approach to identifying and reducing errors made within hospitals.

Despite the ongoing development of Electric Health Record (EHR) functionality to date, there is currently no internal mechanism to detect and monitor health IT safety errors in EHR systems.

To quantify the magnitude of wrong-patient errors, a known but understudied risk owing to lack of systematic methods of measurement, Dr Jason Adelman developed and validated the Wrong-Patient Retract-and-Reorder (RAR) Measure, the first and only health IT safety measure endorsed by National Quality Forum (NQF #2723).1

The Wrong-Patient RAR measure has made possible a new area of research in the field of medical errors, generated evidence for patient safety practice, and informed national and international patient safety regulations and guidelines.

Results of this research have been published in JAMA, JAMA Internal Medicine, and JAMA Pediatrics. This seminar will share how an automated measure to identify wrong-patient electronic orders was developed, validated and used to evaluate interventions aimed at preventing these errors.

Dr Jason Adelman Chief Patient Safety Officer, Associate Chief Quality Officer and Executive Director of the Center for Patient Safety Research at Columbia University Medical Center/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.