Bonus Episode: The Way out of Lockdown

Why is Melbourne back in lockdown when it looked like Australia had succeeded in reducing the spread of COVID-19? And what's the way out?

It was all going so well...until it wasn't.

This week, metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire in Victoria re-entered lockdown and Australia was split into two.

This bonus episode in the web series Life Beyond Coronavirus: The Expert View explores why Melbourn went back into lockdown and what must be addressed to transition out of it.

But it also look at the impact re-entering lock down has had on the community – particularly when research shows us that there's been a sharp rise in the number of women who have suffered physical or sexual abuse, or some form of coercive control during the pandemic.

And there are other key questions too.

What does the evidence tell us about face masks? Is elimination a practical option? Will a vaccine work as well as herd immunity? And what are the true costs of the lockdown – to the economy, to our community and our health?

Moderated by Professor Shitij Kapur and featuring Professors Sharon Lewin, Tony Blakely and Cathy Humphreys.

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