Episode 6: Preventing the next pandemic

This COVID-19 crisis is unlikely to be an isolated event, that’s why it’s important to start planning for the next pandemic.

While the world is still trying to deal with the current COVID-19 pandemic – it may seem an odd time to discuss preventing the next one.

But even as we’re in the midst of grappling with this crisis – it’s important to realise it’s unlikely to be an isolated event.

The final episode of this six-part web series, our experts tell us why they expected this pandemic.

They also explore why animal-human transmission means we’ll probably see more events like this; how genetic testing can make a difference,; why public health needs to be considered in the same way we consider military defence; and why countries like Australia, Vietnam and Germany are critical to protecting the future of the world.

Moderated by Professor Shitij Kapur and featuring Professors Peter Doherty, Brett Sutton and Sharon Lewin, and Associate Professor Tom Daly.

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