Wurru Wurru Health Unit

The Wurru Wurru Health Unit was formed through the First Nations Health Team in the Department of Medical Education and has been created to embed Indigenous ways of knowing into health communication and training of medical students and the medical workforce.

Wurru Wurru Health Unit Launch Event

With permission of the Wurundjeri elders, the Unit incorporated the ‘six layers of country’ into a communication tool that illustrates connections between country and physical and societal health. There is also a ‘river model’ and other tools that have been developed to connect and embed Indigenous knowledge with health messages.

These innovative educational tools promise to teach Indigenous ways of knowing to health and medical students and workforce to effectively communicate health messages to Indigenous community members they treat and care for, as well as the wider community.

This will have wider impacts for the health and wellbeing of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, leading to better health outcomes.

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