New Melbourne research centre screens for breast cancer risk

A new Melbourne research centre aimed at enhancing the benefits of screening and reducing the total number of deaths arising from breast cancer recently launched at the University of Melbourne.

My Breast Cancer RISK Centre (MyBRISK) will apply artificial intelligence computer techniques to analyse millions of mammograms and produce new and more powerful mammogram-based risk factors. The centre will combine these findings with a woman’s family history, lifestyle and the latest gene tests to better classify their breast cancer risk.

MyBRISK Director and University of Melbourne Professor John Hopper said that by having breast cancer screening tailored to each woman’s risk, resources could be better allocated and produce more accurate results.

MyBRISK is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and is a collaboration between the University of Melbourne, Melbourne St Vincent’s Hospital, Monash University, University of Western Australia, Queensland University of Technology and Cancer Council Victoria.

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