Neuropsychology tool streamlines cognitive assessment, diagnosis and care

The Australian Dementia Network (ADNeT), led by the University of Melbourne, has unveiled a new tool developed in collaboration with UNSW Sydney and the CSIRO to accelerate the clinical diagnosis of dementia.

Dementia patients in Australia currently experience delays averaging between three to seven years from symptom onset to a formal diagnosis. An early diagnosis is important to ensure high-quality care for the patient through the implementation of preventative programs to maximise their quality of life.

The ADNeT Neuropsychological Norming Tool reduces the time needed for diagnosis by automatically calculating normative data neuropsychologists need to evaluate a patient’s cognitive performance, and producing a summary report from a range of neuropsychological tests.

The tool will facilitate the work of neuropsychologists, enabling them to refocus their skills towards the formulation of a clinical diagnosis and the development of post-diagnostic cognitive interventions, and help clinicians standardise the assessment of dementia patients nationally.

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