Boys do cry campaign leads to thousands of referrals to mental health services

A collaboration between the Centre for Mental Health at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health and mental health charity Gotcha4Life, the Boys do Cry campaign aims to reduce the stigma associated with men seeking support for their mental health.

A three-minute song sung by an all-male cast acted as the centrepiece for the campaign and was launched in 2021. Broadcast across radio advertisement slots and podcasts, the song touches on the importance of embracing vulnerability and community.

The campaign has been very effective at directing men to mental health support. In the two years since its launch, more than 36,000 men have sought further support for their mental health issues through the campaign’s website.

The campaign hopes to usher in a happier and healthier mould of masculinity that rejects harmful behaviours and recognises the importance of seeking help when it is needed.