Resources and Event Recordings

Understanding commercialisation

Commercialisation brings commercial tools, rigour and support to help translate, achieve and sustain impact from research and bring discoveries into the world. Explore resources to help you understand the commercialisation process, including becoming investment-ready, and pitch preparation.

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Protecting your idea

Protecting the ideas and innovations developed through your research or work is important and the University can help you navigate the Intellectual Property (IP) process. Taking the right steps at the right time will ensure your IP is recognised and valued.

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Creating a start-up

Your ideas, innovations and research could form the foundation of a successful startup. Explore resources that can help you to create and grow a self-sustaining business with the support of the University.

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Resources for students

Whether you are an undergraduate student or a graduate student, learn how you can translate your bold idea into impact with the support of our innovation and enterprise ecosystem.

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Watch event recordings and videos

Watch recordings from recent seminar events, workshops and presentations to gain a deeper understanding of topics and opportunities related to innovation and enterprise.

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