Single subject study

Studying single subjects at the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences helps you get ready for tertiary courses, skilled-up for the modern workforce, and fully invested in your own professional and personal development.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Single subject study is also useful for health professionals who are required to undertake mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity in order to maintain, improve and broaden their technical skills, knowledge, understanding, problem-solving and performance throughout their professional careers.

Single subjects may be undertaken with or without assessment— however in order to gain credit to a course, you must complete the subject with assessment.

You can apply for single subject study through the Community Access Program (CAP).

Apply through CAP

A selection of subjects from the School of Population and Global Health

SubjectStudy period Delivery method
Semester 1Online
Semester 1Dual-delivery
Semester 1Online
Semester 2Dual-delivery
Semester 1Dual-delivery
Clinical Sexual & Reproductive HealthSemester 1Dual-delivery
Semester 2Online
Digital Transformation of Health
Semester 1
Semester 1Dual-delivery
Health Economics 1Semester 1Dual-delivery
Health Program Evaluation 1Semester 1Dual-delivery

A selection of subjects from other Schools

SubjectStudy period Delivery method
Applied Pathophysiology Summer termOnline
Domestic and Family ViolenceSemester 1Online
Foundations of CancerTerm 1, Term 3Online
Social Work Practice: Indigenous PeoplesSemester 2Dual-delivery
Rehabilitation for PaediatricsTerm 1Online
Sport PsychologyTerm 2Online
Radiology for PhysiotherapistsTerm 1Online
Foundations of Youth Mental HealthTerm 1Online
Psychiatry of Old AgeTerm 1Online

Check requirements

Visit the University’s Handbook entry for the subject to check that you meet the prerequisites and any selection requirements, as well as updated availability and dates.

You can also search for other subjects available for study through the Community Access Program in the Handbook.