Nick Christopher PhD Scholarship

31st Mar 2023
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Graduate Research
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Melbourne Medical School
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Note to potential applicants:  This website will be updated by mid-Feb, with some changes to criteria and application requirements. Please check the updated website before applying.

This scholarship honours the legacy of Mr. Nick Christopher who was the Department of Medicine Manager from 2001-2008, and the Inaugural Parkville Cluster Manager in 2008 until his passing on the 15th November 2008. The scholarships, targeted to attract and support the best and brightest young students to undertake their PhD studies in our clinical departments and to encourage local community engagement in the departments at the Parkville Precinct, were one of his most passionate projects.

Two Nick Christopher scholarships are offered to the best ranked PhD students commencing their study in any of the Parkville Departments (Medicine (RMH), Surgery (RMH), Radiology, Psychiatry, Clinical Pathology, Critical Care); each scholarship is offered at $6000 per annum for three years to top up a competitive PhD scholarship (e.g. RTP-Stipend and Fee offset, MRS-INT, NHMRC). However, if the winner of the Larkins Prize chooses to go on to undertake a PhD in one of the departments, he/she will be awarded one of the two 'Nick Christopher PhD Scholarships' offered each year. In this case, there will be only one scholarship available in that year for all other students.

The prize honours the incoming PhD student who was judged the most outstanding, based on the following criteria:

  1. Academic achievements
  2. Awards and Prizes
  3. Publications
  4. Community service/Professional degrees/Work in Health area - this refers to any service undertaken as "external activities, above and beyond" usual employment expectations.
  5. Level of Opportunity – this considers the level of opportunities available to the student in terms of gaining accomplishments e.g Honours students/fresh graduates compared to others who have had many years of professional/research experience.
  6. Support for Department  - this considers the extent and details of the student’s potential/existing support for the department they are enrolled in, e.g. participation in Departmental/campus activities, StORM committee/member involvement.  (note: mentoring/tutoring duties of employed students, will only be considered if these are not within the remit of "usual employment expectations").


$6000 p.a. for three years

Disclaimer: The benefit amount for this award is approximate. It will be confirmed at the time of awarding and determined by the committee according to the terms of the award.


  • Enrolment date should be between 1 April of the year prior to application and 31 March of the year of the application.
  • Obtained a competitive peer-reviewed Scholarship (e.g. RTP, MRS-INT) or equivalent competitive scholarship from NHMRC or external organisation, and accepted the offer to study in any Department at Parkville (Medicine (RMH), Surgery (RMH), Radiology, Psychiatry, Clinical Pathology, Critical Care).
  • Awarded a Full time scholarship for at least 3 years (or duration) of the PhD.
  • For students who have an existing studentship or will have other top-up scholarship/s - that amount plus the Nick Christopher scholarship of $6000 p.a. (if you are successful), cannot exceed 75% of the value of your current scholarship.

Students obtaining any of the scholarships mentioned and meeting eligibility criteria will be invited to submit an application. Excluding academic transcripts, applications are to be no more than 7 pages in total.


Please compile all the following information in a single document, with Headings in the order as listed below:

1. A brief CV (no more than 2 pages) highlighting any fellowships, awards, scholarships, studentships, publications, as follows:

  • With Medical Fellowships, please provide name of fellowship, date awarded and details of the fellowship, e.g. general description, criteria of award, etc.
  • With Awards/Scholarships/Studentships, please include full details such as Name of award, awarding institution, name of provider of studentship, the monetary value, award start and end dates, research/study the award is supporting, etc.
  • With Publications, please list only those which are peer-reviewed, ranked in order of first-author publications (please exclude abstracts, letters, etc) and also indicate your contribution to the publication/s in terms of estimated % contribution.

2. A report (maximum length of 2 pages) which must address the key selection criteria. We suggest one paragraph per selection criteria item, in the order as follows:

  • Project outline (brief summary only - up to 200 words/maximum half a page)
  • Demonstrated commitment to a career in medical research
  • Demonstration of community leadership
  • Details of any extra-curricular activities including those associated with medical research, with an emphasis on addressing the 'Support for Department' criteria
  • Statement detailing any significant career/study disruptions (e.g. carer/maternity/paternity leave, COVID impact issues, health-issues, additional responsibilities, etc).

3. An academic referee report from a current/previous supervisor or lecturer endorsing your application - please send the attached form to your referee to complete and ask them to return it directly to the administrator by email.
Academic Referee Report Form.

4. Certified academic transcripts from Undergraduate, Honours or Masters qualifications. (Other documents such as Awards, commendations, etc are optional).

Please send an electronic copy of your complete application to (file format must be PDF only):

Ms Kim Ng (Graduate Research Programs Coordinator - Parkville Precinct)



Ms Kim Ng (Graduate Research Programs Coordinator - Parkville)


  • Kelly Wu, Lucy Zhang (2022)
  • Lucy Caughey, Samuel Widodo (2021)
  • Hope O'Brien, Polin Haghvirdizadeh (2020)
  • Tanya Lupancu, Divyangana Rakesh (2019)
  • Alec Jamieson, Md Efte Kharul Sumon (2018)
  • Hariharan Sugumar, Henry Zhao (2017)
  • Justin Gourlay, Juliana de Castro e Silva (2016)
  • Chenkai Ma, Roxanne Hastie, Madi Njie, Thomas Ware (2015)

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