Marina and Alexis Keskevich Scholarship

11th Jan 2018
4th Mar 2018
Study level
Graduate Coursework
Enrolment status
Current student
Study Area
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Expendable Gift


The Student must be

  • Be enrolled and have commenced study in the Doctor of Dental Surgery (MC-DDENSUR) degree
  • Open to a domestic student only
  • From a rural or regional location*
  • In demonstrated financial need**

* Rural or regional status will be determined by the MDS based on their incoming application procedure, which bases rural or regional residency status through high school attendance, rather than current address.

** Eligible students will be assessed and ranked by Scholarships & Bursaries (University Services) to determine their ranking of financial need.


The selection committee will assess applicants for the scholarship based on:

  • Academic merit. Students will be ranked according to the results achieved for the GAMSAT and the GPA achieved in their undergraduate studies
  • Rural Graduate Access Melbourne (GAM) score
  • Financial need


The successful applicant will be notified by email before the 30th March 2018.


Melbourne Dental School

More information

The scholarship recipient must maintain at least a pass mark in all subjects.

*In the event that the scholarship recipient discontinues their studies, or the student has not maintained at least a pass mark in all subjects, the scholarship will be given to another student in the same year. For example, if the student discontinued their studies at the end of the first year, the scholarship would then be awarded to a second year student for the duration of their degree, based on their application from the previous year.

* The recipient cannot take more than one year leave of absence over the duration of their degree.

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