Hamilton Family Travel Scholarship

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Perpetual Trust (UOM)
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UTR 6.395


Applications are now closed for 2019.

The Hamilton Family Travel Scholarship is awarded annually to support one or more Melbourne Medical School students to travel to either remote regions in Australia or an overseas destination for the purposes of furthering their medical knowledge and gaining life experience.


The value of the scholarship for 2019 is $2,200

Disclaimer: The benefit amount for this award is approximate. It will be confirmed at the time of awarding and determined by the committee according to the terms of the award.


Open to all students enrolled in the Melbourne Medical School who are planning to travel to a remote region of Australia or an overseas destination for the purpose of furthering their medical knowledge and gaining life experience. This includes local and international full-fee paying students. The travel does not need to be a recognised part of a MMS course, and can include recognised volunteer work.

However, it is open to students who are intending to travel as part of the following units:

  • Clinical Elective Placement subject (MEDS90027)
  • Doctor of Medicine Research Project 2 (MEDS90026)
  • Vocational Selective (MEDS90025)

Timing of Travel

Final year students can apply for travel completed before 31 October 2019.

Students in Years 1-3 can apply for travel completed before 26 January 2020.


Applications will be assessed based on their quality, relevance to the wider community, whether the student has previously travelled independently to remote Australia or overseas before and the student’s financial need. Consideration of a student’s financial need will be determined by their Financial Aid score as determined through their Financial Aid application.


Eligible students must submit an application to mms-studentawards@unimelb.edu.au consisting of:


Please contact the MMS Student Awards Officer at mms-studentawards@unimelb.edu.au.


2019 - Alana Robinson, Sarah Banting

2018 - Tasmyn Soller

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