Dr Hubert Sydney Jacobs Scholarship

Study level
Graduate Coursework, Graduate Research
Enrolment status
Current student
Study Area
Fund source
Perpetual Trust (UOM)


Donor: The late Dr Hubert Sydney Jacobs,  a Medical Officer and Captain in WW1, bequeathed his estate to the University.

To perpetuate the association of Dr. Jacobs with the University and may include-

  1. scholarships,
  2. memorial lectures to be called the Dr. Hubert Sydney Jacobs Memorial Lectures,
  3. the erection and alteration of buildings, and
  4. the provision of equipment and other assistance for research into the problems of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.


  • The Applicant may submit one peer-reviewed research paper that was published (in print, epub ahead of print) in the 12 months prior to the Scholarship application deadline (last working day in July).
  • The paper should describe data that forms a substantial part of the Applicant’s research project completed while enrolled as a Research Higher Degree student within the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (part-time or full-time). Current students, and those whose thesis has been submitted or passed, may apply.
  • The primary supervisor must be affiliated with the Department (Staff, Honorary Staff).
  • The Applicant must have been:
    • the primary author on the manuscript,
    • responsible for the majority of research outlined in the paper, and
    • responsible for drafting and writing the original manuscript.
    • A declaration of the above will be required from the Applicant and their primary supervisor.
  • The Department must be clearly noted in the affiliations listed on the paper.
  • A paper can only ever be submitted once.
  • The Department can decide not to award the Scholarship in any one year if no suitable publications are submitted.


Papers will be assessed by a committee consisting of senior Department staff and an independent representative from outside the Department. The Scholarship Committee will be chaired by the Postgraduate Co-ordinator.

  • Papers will be assessed on criteria including:
    • originality,
    • quality,
    • how the paper extends knowledge, and
    • the impact of the research.


2020 – Natasha Pritchard and Caitlin Nguyen-Ngo

  • Natasha Pritchard was awarded for the 2020 paper, Identification of the optimal growth charts for use in a preterm population: An Australian state-wide retrospective cohort study authored by Natasha Pritchard, Richard Hiscock, Elizabeth Lockie, Michael Permezel, Monica McGauaran, Amber Kennedy, Brittany Green, Susan Walker and Anthea Lindquist which was published in PLOS Medicine in October 2019.
  • Caitlyn Nguyen-Ngo was awarded for the 2020 paper, Nobiletin exerts anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory effects in an in vitro human model and in vivo murine model of gestational diabetes, Caitlyn Nguyen-Ngo, Carlos Salomon, Stephanie Quak, Andrew Lai, Jane C Willcox and Martha Lappas which was published in Clinical Science in March 2020.

2019 – Catherine Allingham

  • Awardee for the paper  Fertility Preservation in Children and Adolescents With Cancer: Pilot of a Decision Aid for Parents of Children and Adolescents With Cancer authored by Catherine Allingham, Lynn Gillam, Maria McCarthy, Margaret Zacharin, Sadunee Jayasuriya, Yves Heloury, Lisa Orme, Michael Sullivan, Michelle Peate and Yasmin Jayasinghe which was published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research in November 2018.

2017 – Gina Kusuma and Calum Roberts

2016 – Fiona Brownfoot

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