Meet Ru from Sichuan, China!

Ru is currently in the final year of her Master of Social Work. Prior to the Master of Social Work, Ru completed her Bachelor of Public Administration back in China.

Yuanru Li 1
Yuanru Li at Melbourne Zoo

Why did you choose to study the Master of Social Work?

I completed my Bachelor of Public Administration in China and took part in internships and volunteer work in some non-governmental organisations. During this, I learned how hard life could be for some vulnerable groups. Influenced by these experiences, I began to feel motivated to make a difference. Coming from a developing country, I believe that I can learn more from a western society like Australia about social welfare and mental health, which was why I made up my mind to study the Master of Social Work.

Why would you like to become a buddy?

I would like to share my experience with new students, especially with international students who might be experiencing difficulties with transitioning to a new country. This will also be a good opportunity to make new friends and connections. I’m able to encourage my fellow buddies by sharing my personal experience and pointing them in the right direction for support and resources.

What inspires you?

The culture of the University of Melbourne has really inspired me. IT is open and friendly. I can feel that people are kind to each other regardless of different backgrounds and languages – and no one judges you for your differences. It is easy to make friends with other classmates and learn from each other. I think I have been inspired to be more positive and open-minded.