Kimberly Chian

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Meet Kimberly from Malaysia!

Kimberly is currently in the final year of her Doctor of Physiotherapy degree. Prior to her postgraduate degree, Kimberly completed her Foundation Studies at Trinity College and Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne.

What have been the highlights of your degree?

In the Doctor of Physiotherapy program, I’ve found the clinical placements to be such an amazing experience. It was so rewarding to interact with patients and follow them through recovery. Prior to my placements, I had doubles on how daunting it would be, but my peers and the clinical supervisors were so supportive and helpful throughout. I’ve learnt so much from it and I’m really looking forward to the ones in the coming years.

Why would you like to become a buddy?

I believe that the best advice about student life comes from peers with experience. I personally find such advice really helpful with my journey through university, and really value tips that have been given by those who have been in my shoes. I can definitely use my experience to help others enhance their experience on and off campus, especially those with similar backgrounds, as well as to foster new relationships and build networks.

What inspires you?

A huge inspiration is knowing that people have so much potential to improve and can better themselves in endless ways. Healthcare is a growing platform which facilitates holistic development of an individual, even more so with the integration of technology. I hope to make a positive impact on people and help them achieve their goals through physiotherapy.