Joshua Seddon

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Meet Josh from Melbourne, Australia!

Josh is currently in the second year of his Bachelor of Biomedicine degree. Besides being an active committee of the Biomedicine Student Society, Josh is also a part of MUSKI (Melbourne University Skiing Club), PAWS (Pals of All Woofers Society), and the Pirates club.

Josh Seddon

Why would you like to become a buddy?

I believe that I can offer an affable attitude that can enable younger students to best engage with their university experience. I look forward to interacting with the new students and providing them with advice and guidance to best approach their degree and university life.

What do you enjoy doing for fun?

Some hobbies include hiking, skiing weightlifting and drumming!

What inspires you?

Not only am I inspired by the academics that I am constantly surrounded by on a day-to-day basis, but my time at the University of Melbourne has provided me with an intrinsic motivation to pursue my goals so that I can help others less fortunate than myself. Many of my lecturers operate as direct sources of inspiration, especially those in research programs that aim to help those suffering ailments around the globe.