Meet Jomy from India!

Jomy completed his Bachelor of Dentistry back in India before pursing the Master of Public Health here in Melbourne.

Jomy Jose at Visitor Information Centre (Melbourne)

Why did you decide to study the Master of Public Health?

As I have always been passionate about health, I wanted to focus on the preventive aspects of health, having already explore the treatment aspect during my Bachelor of Dentistry. Public Health was an obvious choice as it had broad prospects both globally and in India. Apart from the fact that the University of Melbourne is ranked extremely well globally, I like they way the Master of Public Health program is structured, and the variety of electives offered is also highly impressive. The breadth and depth of the program really appealed to me and I thought I could find my niche here.

What was starting life in Melbourne like?

I had never been to Melbourne or Australia before coming here to study, but the University has made it so much easier to settle in. During orientation week, there were lots of events, workshops and opportunities to interact with students from all over the world. There was also support for my accommodation, and advice on things to do and where to go in and around Melbourne.

What inspires you?

I derive my inspiration from my parents who’ve always wanted me to become a responsible professional, and most importantly, someone who can contribute back to society.